Winners and Losers ~ January 28, 2013

Posted 28 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Winners and Losers

When I read Adam Afriyie is plotting to replace David Cameron as leader, my initial reaction was shock laced laughter. Not because Adam is not capable of leading the party – more than most the other suspects paraded around since 2010, Afriyie is the candidate I can actually see myself getting excited about. But, as described by many, including Tory MPs, he is very loyal and will never sanction such a move. So wherever those Sunday pieces came from it wasn’t him.

Which makes you wonder, who is behind them and why now? Especially, as only a week ago David Cameron promised the country an EU referendum, one of the main issues dividing the Tory party. Cameron’s ratings are at their highest and because of it Labour is in a real fix. Therefore, whoever made that move is a loser!

The winner has to be the Prime Minister himself, for managing to drive Labour into utter confusion and media management frenzy. Since last week’s PMQs exchange – where Ed Miliband categorically promised he will not give the British public a referendum on the EU – Labourites haven’t stopped telling us ‘but what he (Miliband) meant is no referendum for now’

Cameron is clever; with one announcement he pacified Tory eurosceptics, pulled the rug from under UKip and sent Labourites into a whirl of back pedalling and justifications – when what he promised was only too obvious and was coming sooner or later!

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