Winners and Losers ~ May 15, 2013

Posted 15 May 2013 by Walaa Idris

Winners and Losers

How can a local authority (social services), the police and a whole community for eight years not see children are been groomed and sexually abused under their noses?

What’s wrong with our society and the care system if we can close an eye or worst not see abuse and neglect our duty of care not once or twice but six times? Six young venerable girls for eight years were groomed and sexually abused and no one knew, how come?

And before anyone blames the cuts, this all started in 2004 before the current reforms….

The Oxford case throws up two major issues. First is the neglect by the officials, the police for not acting sooner and those who were entrusted with these girls care and safety. Second is the one everyone doesn’t want to talk about. What is it with Muslim men (particularly Pakistani men) grooming young venerable girls with drugs, alcohol, violence and sexually abusing them?

First in Rochdale and now Oxford – and to think some of these monsters are actually themselves parents, shocking!

All are big losers. The authorities for neglecting their duties and letting the poor girls go through the physical and the psychological trauma this abuse caused, and don’t get me started on those animals who call themselves men.
Brilliant news today, Theresa May calling for killers of Police to face a life sentence without parole is a very welcome decision.

It’s great news because killing a policeperson is a crime against the state, the public and the society. The police do not just exist to prevent crime and disorder; they represent a sense of justice and security to the community.

Robert Peel said: “The police are the public and the public are the police.”

Theresa May is a winner for addressing this very overdue issue.


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Winners and Losers ~ January 28, 2013

Posted 28 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

Winners and Losers

When I read Adam Afriyie is plotting to replace David Cameron as leader, my initial reaction was shock laced laughter. Not because Adam is not capable of leading the party – more than most the other suspects paraded around since 2010, Afriyie is the candidate I can actually see myself getting excited about. But, as described by many, including Tory MPs, he is very loyal and will never sanction such a move. So wherever those Sunday pieces came from it wasn’t him.

Which makes you wonder, who is behind them and why now? Especially, as only a week ago David Cameron promised the country an EU referendum, one of the main issues dividing the Tory party. Cameron’s ratings are at their highest and because of it Labour is in a real fix. Therefore, whoever made that move is a loser!

The winner has to be the Prime Minister himself, for managing to drive Labour into utter confusion and media management frenzy. Since last week’s PMQs exchange – where Ed Miliband categorically promised he will not give the British public a referendum on the EU – Labourites haven’t stopped telling us ‘but what he (Miliband) meant is no referendum for now’

Cameron is clever; with one announcement he pacified Tory eurosceptics, pulled the rug from under UKip and sent Labourites into a whirl of back pedalling and justifications – when what he promised was only too obvious and was coming sooner or later!


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Winners and Losers ~ April 26,2011

Posted 26 Apr 2011 by Walaa Idris

Winners and Losers

The winner HERE is Mark Pritchard MP- the secretary of the Tory backbench 1922 Committee – for pointing out to Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne that they never had it so good and should stop their whingeing. He has a point, because the way these two have been behaving is a disgrace to them, politics and their party. They knew from the start the Tories did not want AV and were going to fight tooth and nail for a No vote – even Cameron, like the majority of the his party has said very early on that he will be campaigning to keep the current (First Past The Post) system. For Clegg and Huhne now, to act mortified is rich and very disingenuous, and they should be careful not to over do the poor me act.

Wikileaks “the gift that keeps on giving” has a leaked document HERE radicalised-in-London-to-attack-Western-targets.html written by senior US military commanders at Guantánamo Bay – where at least 35 detainees has passed through British soil before being sent to Afghanistan to fight and kill our own soldiers – they illustrate how, for two decades, Britain effectively became a hub for terrorism training, with dozens of radiclised extremists – both homegrown and from abroad. It was happening right under our noses in mosques and Islamic centers up and down the country. Thus raising the question, why did the Government and the security services (today’s joint loser) failed to take any action to tackle this issue sooner? And more to the point what are they doing now to stop and prevent any further schooling and safe guard our capital from becoming a staging post for terrorism!


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Winner and Losers ~ November 26, 2010

Posted 26 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Very happy to see the NO2AV campaign is gaining momentum and uniting some great political names from both sides of the political spectrum therefore giving it more weight – it makes the “No to the Alternative Vote” campaign today’s winner.

Howard Flight’s remark yesterday (which he already withdrew and apologised for unreservedly) was out of order, but to use it as political ping pong is also out of order. As the saying goes two wrongs don’t make a right. But in politics these days we seem to have a schizophrenic attitude towards our politicians. On the one hand we want them to be honest, relatable “one of us” and expect them to speak their mind, and on the other everything they say, if we don’t like or agree with we shoot them down for it. Then we wonder why decent ordinary folks will rather stick needles in their eyes than become our representative. The losers are ALL those who see an opportunity to have a dig at the other side in every human flaw except their own!


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Winners and Losers ~ October 22, 2010

Posted 22 Oct 2010 by Walaa Idris

Lutfur Rahman winning yesterday and becoming Tower Hamlet’s elected Mayor, is a blow to democracy and the British way of life. The worst thing about the result is Rahman securing over 50% of the votes on first preference to win out right. Rahman, is an extremist who was expelled from the Labour party then stood as an independent, he won outright with the support and the blessing of Respect, Ken Livingstone and Islamic fundamentalists groups. Now as the elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets he is officially, legally and democratically in control of one billion pounds of our money, that is and should be a cause for worry and serious concern to everyone. In this occasion, it is no longer about Labour or Tory politics it is about Britain and what happens to the British public. Tower Hamlet is a loser in more ways than one!

The winner is Ken Clarke, the Justice Secretary, for releasing the Secret medical documents that backed the official conclusions of the death of the weapons’ inspector Dr David Kelly. Their publication should put an end and draw a line under his death. By so doing Ken Clarke has delivered on one of the Coalition’s promises, transparency!


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Winners and Losers ~ September 17, 2010

Posted 17 Sep 2010 by Walaa Idris

Spending most of the day driving to and from Cambridge, where the journey from central London to Whitechapel took longer than the total round trip, with a huge cost to the environment, not to mention my nerves, but it allowed me to think and spend quality time with the radio!

His Holiness the Pope is a winner for bringing to the forefront the issue of Christmas – I never understood where the idea of Christmas being offensive to other religions really came from!? Personally, I think it was an over zealous clerk, who was trying to be sensitive and considerate, but got it horribly wrong. As a Muslim, I do look forward to everything Christmas from the gifts, the decorations, the shopping, and the bingeing and I know many non Christians who share that love.

First I would like to make it very clear that, besides our Armed Forces, who I feel nothing we do, or give them will be enough or equate to the sacrifice they give in our behalf, I hold the utmost respect to our Police and fire-fighters, they also give an unparalleled service, sacrificing themselves selflessly for us, and I with most citizens owe them a lot!

However, for the fire-fighters to vote almost unanimously to strike on the ‘possibility’ the (LFA) London Fire Authority’ might’ rip up their contracts…. makes them losers, because they are allowing themselves to became a pawn in the unions pressure game with the government.


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Winners and Losers ~ September 3, 2010

Posted 3 Sep 2010 by Walaa Idris

William Hague is a winner for facing insinuations head on and killing the story before it sprouted arms and legs, which would have happened had he not come forward so strongly. Some think, by talking about their personal lose, grieve and the difficulties him and his wife Ffion endured, he went too far. Maybe it was a lot of information, but in this occasion it needed to be shared and that was that.

The loser has to be the BBC’s Radio 4, the Today programme, who, did not even try to hide their direct attack on the Tories. By having two top Tory-haters, John Prescott and Sally Bercow, respectively discussing phone taping allegations and William Hague’s statement, is beyond bizarre. But what I found even more astonishing is John Humphrey spoon feeding Prescott, Andy Coulson’s direct involvement – while all Lord Prescott wanted was to prove that, despite numerous attempts by him, his input was dismissed by the Met!

The BBC’s shameful political bias is not a revelation, but it will help if every once and awhile they pretend to be fair, neutral and acted as if they can do balanced even if it is just to seen objective!

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Winners and Losers ~ August 24, 2010

Posted 24 Aug 2010 by Walaa Idris

Great news the early arrival of Samantha and David’s baby girl, their fourth and the third born in Number 10 to a serving Prime Minster. Many warm congratulations and best wishes to the Cameron clan!

The loser is our inability, a decade into the twenty first century, to mirror girls’ academic achievements and successes in equal pay, equal recognition, and break that glass ceiling!

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Winners and Losers ~ August 16, 2010

Posted 16 Aug 2010 by Walaa Idris

Tony Blair donating the advance, a cool £4.6 million plus all future proceeds, from his memoirs “A Journey”, is neither surprising nor out of character. Actually it would have been a surprise if he pocketed the lot, and that makes him a winner.

The losers are those who are trying to turn this genuine open-handed gesture into a political issue and rehash the Iraq war again. There is a time and a place for everything, on this occasion it is neither!



Winners and Losers ~ August 15, 2010

Posted 15 Aug 2010 by Walaa Idris

Coalition employing a third ex Labour minster, Alan Milburn, as their Social Mobility tsar is a good sign of ‘collaboraTory governing’ [thought that looked cute]. He did produced good work on the subject that was ignored by the last government so using him should make it difficult for Labour to oppose it. Nevertheless, I can’t help wonder aren’t there any Tory talents out there who can deliver the same kind of work, not necessary MPs either!?

It was not a secret that Gordon Brown is a difficult man to work with. He looked it and in time we saw and read proof of it. But for the daggers to come out in under six month of his departure is a little much. It fascinates me how when a leader falls every body, including those who kept him in power, start to distance them self from him and his administration. Then we wonder why ordinary people have so little trust for politicians – it is because they can see, in politics every man is for him self, and they only come together when they need us to vote for them!