David Cameron makes you proud to be British.

Posted 8 Feb 2013 by Walaa Idris

I smile whenever I hear people angrily complain about our obsession with party leaders’, how they appear to electorates, how they perform and their personal charisma. And although in the UK we elect individual MPs to make up the winning team and the governing party. When it came down to it, for years now, the leader of the winning party was the biggest deciding factor on who will win the election. In some way that is presidential.

Take the 1997 general election where Labour won their historic landslide, most people who voted Labour did because they liked Tony Blair and wanted him to become prime minister. And they did again in 2001 and 2005. But people did not like Gordon Brown and did not want him to become prime minister, so when Labour forced him on them, in 2010 they rejected him. In 2010 people also very much liked David Cameron, however, during the Leadership Debates they also liked the look and the sound of “I agree with Nick” Clegg. That is why even after the second and the third debates when Cleggmina subsided a little his star was still raising high. He might have lost some momentum by the time polling day came around, but the seed was already sown. That is why the UK had it first hung parliament and coalition government in decades. Remember that Rose Garden moment when the two walked out together joked and laughed with each other. That was what the voters wanted and was happy to get it and see.

So, despite what many might think, our elections are in some ways presidential style contests. Where the right charismatic, effective, unifying leader – and handsome will not hurt either – will win the election for his party and form Her Majesty’s Government.

With that in mind, our current ‘president’, after promising an In/Out Referendum in our EU membership, legislating for same sex couples to marry (despite what most of his own party thought) he has proved to the sceptics that he is not isolated in Europe. It looks like once again he will bring home the bacon, by cutting the EU budget for the first time, and keeping our rebate.

As many readers of this blog know, I don’t always agree with everything David Cameron proposes, says or does, but I always believed he is great for the country and good for our party. I am now beginning to think he will also go down in history as one of the best peacetime British prime ministers

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8 Feb, 14:22

‘I am now beginning to think he will also go down in history as one of the best peacetime British prime ministers’

He couldn’t even win against Gordon Brown who according to the polls was the most unpopular PM EVER. Cameron is only PM propped up by Nick Clegg

The conservatives haven’t won an outright majority since 1992 Walaa,you’re living in a fantasy world if you think they will win in 2015. This is the most divisive government the country has had & the public will boot them out 1st chance they get


8 Feb, 14:37

The budget renegotiation is nothing of much importance in the grand scheme of things as we’ll still be paying £52m a day to the EU,not £53m so the saving is chicken feed in the grand scheme of things no matter how Cameron tries to spin it.

It’s not a straight IN/OUT referendum as you imply Walaa,it’s an IF…IF…..referendum based on renegotitaions&repatriations that aren’t going to happen. All Cameron did was panic at the behest of his right wing & UKIP as Cameron wants in the EU & they want out

The Cameron referendum is pie in the sky smokescreen to hide away from the failed Plan A on the economy

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