Killing is murder, all killings should be equally condemned

Posted 7 Apr 2017 by Walaa Idris

Not a fun of Bashar al-Assad, but in light of recent developments in Syria two things are troubling me.

First, where is the definitive indisputable confrontation that Assad actually ordered the chemical attack that murdered 70 civilians? Because from where I am standing, it does not make any sense. Why would he risk global condemnation when he is winning the war, recapturing his cities and pushing ISIS back. Why when all his recent actions are beginning to receive some approvals would he self sabotage!? Many, unsurprisingly, are asking who will benefit from this action and the US retaliation to it?

Secondly, I am extremely concerned by our attitude to killing. For some reason, it seems we are outraged by the killing of 70 people who were gassed, yet somewhat relaxed by the killing of 230 civilians killed a week or so ago in a drone attack! Why is that!? Killing is killing. Killing is not football, where you support your team no matter what. The taking of a life, any human life should equally appal us no matter the numbers killed, the method used to kill them or the nation doing the killing.

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