Sorry Don Hodges, but you're wrong

Posted 16 Apr 2017 by Walaa Idris

Dan Hodges, whom I consider to be a moderate centrist, is wrong to think Mrs May is a part-time custodial who will walk away from Number 10 after delivering Brexit. Because that is not the attitude of an ambitious woman. Unfortunately, his assessment is the analysis of a man who clearly doesn’t know any driven women. Unlike men, ambitious women tend to be tunnel visioned and laser focused when it comes to achieving their goals.

May had one goal, to lead the Conservative party and become the second female British Prime Minster. She comes from a generation of British women who saw Margret Thatcher rise and fall. They lived every step of that era and understood too well what it takes for a woman in the male dominated Westminster to succeed on merit alone.

So only someone who does not fully understand those facts will say this.

“On entering Downing Street, she discovered that being PM isn’t really for her. So she intends to serve out the rest of this parliamentary term, deliver a deal on Brexit, then ride off into the sunset….”

“ I don’t know the exact timetable, but she’s certainly a transitional PM”

“She’ll fight an Election, then be gone in 18 months”

These are opinions of people who clearly don’t know Theresa May, they are the analysis of people who are either too lazy to read and understand her or wishful thinkers who hope she won’t continue as a PM. As for the rest of us, it’s one of many dreamy ideas and makes a good Sunday read.

Happy Easter!

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