An Open letter to all unselected conservative candidates!

Posted 25 Mar 2010 by Walaa Idris

Dear friends,

If you are anything like me – according to your grand plan, by now you would be a PPC – some association would have loved and adopted you and with great pride and even greater glee by now you will be raising the Conservative flag and taking the fight to Labour.

Nothing has changed there, like many plans in life this one needs a minor adjustment – you are not a PPC – but we still have a fight at hand and we still must win it.

And, that is why I am writing to you today. We (approved candidates) have invested a lot in time, emotions and resources. With as little as 40 days to a General Election our country more than ever before needs and craves change and she needs it now.

You all saw and heard the ‘Mickey Mouse’ joke of a budget Darling delivered yesterday! We can not have five more years of that. But we can help in delivering the change needed.

Regardless of the polls and what pundits might say, this election is still wide open, no one can predict its outcome until the last vote is in and counted. Invested activist like us, have a bigger duty, and a responsibility to help deliver that change. God knows I do not want to wake up on May 7th to a Labour administration – and neither do you!

That is why I have adopted a neighbouring marginal seat and familiarised myself with all the local issues and they kindly have adopted me back. Accordingly I have arranged everything (for the next six weeks) around that campaign – just imagine what you would do ‘time wise’ if you were the PPC – and do it.

I kindly urge you all to do the same HERE is the 200 conservative target seats most are Labour held, and I am sure candidates’ department will be happy to help you further.

Do your bit, go that extra mile and go it NOW. Make a difference, a measured and felt difference – if not for you then for the future of our children and the country.

Thank you,



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Paul W.E. Ingham

Paul W.E. Ingham
25 Mar, 22:19

We would love the help of any unselected people in Poplar & Limehouse; a three way marginal with Labour & Respect and 15 minutes from Westminster on the Jubillee Line.

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