The Rise and Fall of the Mighty Abbott!

Posted 14 Jun 2010 by Walaa Idris

When Diane Abbott announced that she was standing for the Labour Party Leadership I had little doubt that when nominations close she will be one of the contenders. From what I have seen and heard she struck me as a strong, proud and determined woman. All very admirable and essential traits for success in any field, but what I did not expect is the manner by which she gained her nominations. Furthermore, what I find very shocking is her nonchalant attitude towards it!

Never in my wildest dreams have I expected the Mighty Ms Abbott to accept such humiliation and to even spin it as “being a victim of positive discrimination”. Her disgrace reflects negatively on both women and black people alike – but does she even see it?

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14 Jun, 22:00

I assume you refer to David Milliband’s final, last-minute vote for Diane Abbot without which she would not have made the list.

I can stand her on The Daily Politics but mainly because Portillo, who I loathed as a minister, is now a pleasant and level-headed person and she is (usually) kept in check by Brillo.

But she is frankly too garrulous and also has a flighty, even snooty air to her as she talks over people with her nose in the air.

A little too big for her boots, me thinks.


14 Jun, 22:26

That plus she had only 6 nominations hours before nominations closed. First McDonnell pulls out and gives her his 16 [at the recommendation of the acting leader] nominations then Miliband donates his vote and a couple of others MPs follow suite [all this in a matter of hours – and remember these people had a few weeks to achieve the same result yet with dignity but did not] ….. the whole thing is just a joke!

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