Winners & Losers ~ June 15, 2010

Posted 15 Jun 2010 by Walaa Idris

Nothing like making the honours’ list to remind one their heritage! Ever since Catherine Zeta Jones made the leap form a ‘Darling Bud’ to Elena [Mask of Zorro] her accent was becoming more and more Americanized. To the delight of Wales and the Welsh people their girl’s accent suddenly came back post Knighthood – when she won her Tony Award. She is a winner for going back to her roots.

Those who want to ban the Vuvuzela [which I too find irritating by the way] are losers. South Africans have waited a long time for the World Cup, banning them from enjoying the beautiful game [at home] is simply selfish and arrogant to say the least. Why not just get a life and buy some earplugs!


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