Open letter to Speaker Bercow!

Posted 10 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Dear Mr Speaker,

As an avid follower of PMQs (Prime Minster Questions) I feel it is dishonest of me not to point out what I and many feel is fast becoming an issue.

The weekly boisterous exchanges in chambers during PMQs are generally regarded as part and parcel of the process and many see them as harmless pantomime. Although enjoyable by most political enthusiasts of late your constant shouting at grown men and women and continued reprimanding of members during the proceedings has become a concern!

Also, you are coming across as the teacher who can not control his classroom and the coach who does not know how to mange his team – more like the weak leader who no one listens to, and that is neither good nor stately!

However, there must be a way; some method, by which the excessive unruliness of some members can be dealt with, preferably privately, a means besides out shouting them in chambers. I am confidant that you have at your disposal the measures and tools by which a dignified reproof can be achieved.

As for telling the deputy Prime Minster how to speak while he is addressing you – that was just going too far by any stretch of the imagination – plus it was disrespectful to the office.

Seeing as this Parliament is the Mother of All Parliaments, an institution watched, admired and emulated the world over I felt compelled to speak up.

Thank you for your time I remain,

Sincerely Yours
Walaa Idris

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David Boothroyd

David Boothroyd
11 Nov, 00:02

“We may be proud that England is the ancient country of Parliaments. With scarcely any intervening period, Parliaments have met constantly for 600 years, and there was something of a Parliament before the Conquest. England is the mother of Parliaments.” – John Bright

England is the Mother of Parliaments. Not the Parliament at Westminster, but England. And not ‘Mother of all X’ at all please, that was coined by someone not very edifying:

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