Nonchalant or a Prod!

Posted 11 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Either way yesterday’s initial Police response and its timing were questionable – they took their time coming to the rescue and when they did there weren’t enough of them for a good while!


Not one for conspiracy theories but the rate at which the Met responded and the time it took them to do it, were shockingly inappropriate for the scale and the nature of the protest. Further more the route of the march that conveniently ended only a few yards to the west of 30 Miliband, was agreed and recommended to the organisers by the police. That too raises a few questions.

So what’s going on!?

Are the police “who can not strike” putting the pressure on the government via the rioters – was their somewhat lax response a nudge, a reaction to the Coalition cuts – or did they just not foresee any of this happening – could it also be that we just tied their hands with too much Health & Safety stuff!

But whatever the reason, are we to expect this blasé attitude from here on!?

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Floyd Codlin

Floyd Codlin
11 Nov, 17:59

I remember saying in a few threads on FB that I could see a situation where the police all of a sudden find themselves incredibly busy when they are called upon by the govt for protection. It is though typical of the BBC/SKY/Tory Press to focus on one police officer getting hurt and forgetting that there were 13 other people, half of whom were students also injured and the crucial thing was that NONE of them nor the cops were seriously hurt.

Seriously though are you really going to hoist the anti-union/anti-rights at work agenda onto this via the “Health & Safety stuff!” you mentioned? Since when did the cops take any notice of that when it came to smashing the faces of workers and students in the past.

It is not the fault of the NUS btw, if both the police and the torys underestimated the amount of support the students have

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