Who is behind the violence!

Posted 10 Dec 2010 by Walaa Idris

Surly it can not be the students – although, listening to student union leaders this morning you’ll be forgiven to think otherwise!?

After three demonstrations in almost as many weeks – notably none of which has ended peacefully and trouble free, most everyone now remembers is the level and extent of organised violence, and the damage it caused to public and private properties – that level of orchestrated aggression can only be planned by someone or some ones.

So who? Who is benefiting from damaging the country’s image – making it and its government look weak unpopular and seemingly bent on angering its own citizens –who profits from a security force unable to gather the correct intelligences or control a crowd of yobs not once or twice but three times. While at the same time drown the message and the real purpose of the protest and shroud it with public antipathy.

In the day of light, the price of yesterday’s activities is very high yet counterproductive – innocent people are being hospitalised some for very serious injuries, conserved historic buildings damaged, the future king and his wife attacked for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time plus an array of other unprovoked however very deliberate and calculated damages all at a cost to the tax payers, the government, the security services, our country and its world wide image and standing!

This amount of premeditated and escalated destruction can only be planed, there is a hand or even a number of hands behind the scenes making it happen – who are they and what are they gaining – because they no longer have the sympathy of decent folks in the country!?

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10 Dec, 12:39

Its London Street gangs who unlike the students who are being bussed in, no the area, they do recons and most importantly they are clever enough not to get ‘kettled’ i.e trapped in one area by the police

I’m glad you are not blaming the students because it simply is not them and lets face it we wouldn’t have had any of this if your party hadn’t gone ahead with such an outrageous increase in fees

The coalition simply will not sustain the unrest to come because believe you me you haven’t seen anything yet!


10 Dec, 12:59

Yes, it is definitely planned. I think there are anarchists behind it, and they are very clever.

What these anarchists have done is go undercover and infiltrate the Liberal Democrat Party. Then they have managed to persuade some leading politicians to make promises that raise the hopes of huge numbers of young people, and won their votes. Then they have told them to break those promises openly within a few weeks…which thay have done. This has led to many of the young people feeling betrayed, and provoked some to violence.

I hope these anarchists are caught and feel the full weight of the law. The crazy thing is some people are actually blaming the politicians!


11 Dec, 10:53


Walaa, in his comments on link above, Boris Johnson has urged everyone who wants to demo peacefully emphatically to condemn the violence. I think this would be a good idea. I also think that it would be good if Ed Miliband condemned the violence.


12 Dec, 18:10

Mancman10 – it is highly organized for a bunch of thugs. No reasonable person will blame the student, however, their leaders did not help matters by saying “Violence begets violence” it translate to we don’t mind, or care and its okay!!!

OK Nick steady on mate!

angelneptunestar – I agree and think all party leaders and leaders of students bodies and groups should condemn the violence to isolate and expose the guilty party – but to hid behind it is despicable.

Chris J. Slater

Chris J. Slater
16 Dec, 20:33

VIOLENCE will always be a part of life in this fallen world! It is the various “factions” of OUR society trying to be heard, but feeling they are not. Repressed anger bubbles over into physical violence when there are no boundaries taught, learned or respected.

History is full of violence. We need a basic appreciation of human nature. Instead of being divided, we need to agree on basics! “Together we can prevent violence against PEOPLE” Collateral property damage is regrettable (especially when it happens to me and my family) but there are far worst things!

Since 1990, 3,000 Americans have died at the hands of “terrorists /freedom fighters” But since YESTERDAY 4,000 American men and women have been MURDERED by a mother’s “right to choose.” 50 million since 1979! And 40 million CHILDREN are fatherless there. Make no mistake George Orwell / Big Brother is not to blame; it is the Matriarchy; firmly entrenched in our so-called democracies that tries to export and deny the World even our basic UN Declaration of Human Rights!

Love God, love one another
Chris J. Slater, Canada

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