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It is understandable and even expected that although the expenses scandal is about 18 month old now, it is still a very sensitive and touchy subject for many and it should be, we should also anticipate it to continue to be so for sometime to come. It’s also, understandable that at the start, like with most new things, there is a period of adjustment for all involved before they can find a common and comfortable ground to stand on. From reports, blogs and interviews it’s very evident that there are a few things that need sorting with both the unit and its relationship with MPs before the two are in total harmony.

But what I find strange is the lack of empathy and stubbornness from both sides. IPSA – I expected it to take it upon itself to behave as a guider and a teacher with the same patience and understanding a good director shows and gives to those they manage. As for MPs – I assumed they wanted this bad taste to just go away and disappear as fast as humanly possible and to prove with out an inkling of a doubt that they are one with the public. From what’s been coming out it seems neither have a clue what middle Britain wants or expects from them!

IPSA’s attitude towards MPs I blame squarely on the media, mainly the Telegraph for turning what should have stayed as a great journalistic exposé and public service into a media circus, a deliberate and calculated demoralising exercise – that was very wrong and equally stupid.

As for MPs attitude I blame the system. In Arabic we have a saying (hopefully it doesn’t get too lost in translation) – “unguarded monies teaches thieving” – which is why the system and the methods of claiming had to be changed – yes some members were blatantly thieving, but we could count them on our figures – which means the others, the majority were victims of a bad system badly managed. And although the continued witch-hunt doesn’t help, members who come across as spoiled brats who think they are entitled to the tax payers’ monies don’t help matters either.

The two bodies have a responsibility to continue honouring our legislative system and treat it with the respect it rightly deserves. Bickering like playground kids constantly and openly will not restore the publics’ faith on this great and honourable institution, it will only degrade it, dishonour them, the country, and our political system.

It’s high time we all put this great country of ours first in every act, move and step we take!

Total Politics interview Here & The Daily Mail piece Here

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Tom Mein

Tom Mein
5 Jan, 19:01

You say IPSA should “behave as a guider and a teacher with the same patience and understanding a good director shows”
I hope that one day you undergo an inspection by the Inland Revenue as I did, I can assure you that they assume that self employed people are lying thieves and that you must prove that you are not.
I was investigated in 2003, the investigation lasted 13 months and at the end they found errors of £400 in a turnover of £300,000. I had to pay £100 and during the investigation I was told that owning a Mercedes, (bought second hand, three years old) was “rather ostentatious” for a publican and that a Nissan Primera would do equally as well.
Welcome to the real world


5 Jan, 20:36


Says it much better than I could.


6 Jan, 13:26

You are obviously a complete moron and propoganda mouthpiece.

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