Baroness Warsi was wrong to blame the Right!

Posted 14 Jan 2011 by Walaa Idris

Baroness Warsi

It’s time someone took Baroness Warsi to one side and gave her some advice. For starts no wing or branch of any party is happy right now – so ours is not the exception.

Coalition government is hard work and I understand that Warsi’s chairmanship might not be all fluffy and pink or full of flowers and admiration’s, but that is no excuse to lash out and point blame at one side of her party. A good chairman is like a good mother – she loves all her children equally, even though she can clearly see their flaws and short comings, but in her eyes and heart they are all equal.

My second advice will be to take a deep breath and count to ten before speaking.

It is times like this, when the country is wounded and hemorrhaging and when our leader, the Prime Minster, is doing his utmost to satisfy the nation, our coalition partners and all facets of our party, that he needs a chairman that will complete him not put obstacles on his way. Someone who is measured, precise and controlled in every word they says publicly and privately, a co- pilot who’s always ready and knows there is someone somewhere listening and recoding at all times!

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David Kelly

David Kelly
14 Jan, 22:34

Good blog post. Sayeeda has done no favours for party unity today.

Her days are numbered. Fancy the gig Walaa?

Your measured diplomacy makes me think that you’d do a better job.


15 Jan, 14:35

why don’t you come to the point much quicker Wal and say what your thinking? – THE WOMAN IS OUT OF HER DEPTH and her appointment was window dressing by Cameron, she is dreadful!

David Morris

David Morris
17 Jan, 12:14

At first I thought she was going to be good. However, I’m seeing more and more costly errors and I think she could be the victim of a reshuffle.

If this were to happen, I don’t necessarily think she’ll be replaced. Cameron will probably make it a one person party chairmanship again.

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