Oldham was great for the LibDems

Posted 14 Jan 2011 by Walaa Idris

There is no denying that last night’s by-election results were disappointing for the Conservatives, however they were expected during the campaign and by the end of polling last night they became obvious. As the third party in a by election, getting squeezed is common place. Labour holding and increasing their majority is not that shocking either, historically opposition parties always do well in by – elections while government parties get hammered.

And although our coalition partners did not get the result they truly deserved – they did increase their percentage share of the votes, which is more than triple their national poll ratings. Plus their overall outcome was much better than anticipate by the political pundits and the media, more so as they are in government.

Last night results must’ve produced some dilemma for the daily pollsters who with their selected samples put the LibDems on a single digit poll rating nationally, while an actual sample – the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election – puts them three times over that!

Nevertheless, its a good result, for twitchy Liberals to chew over and take comfort from – and maybe even learn to ignore the media and the far left hype – it’s very obvious that those “Elvis Polls” are as real as the “Elvis is still alive” rumours!

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14 Jan, 22:12

And those (like Ed Miliband) who say it was a verdict on the Coalition need to realise that the Coalition parties put together attracted more votes than Labour!


15 Jan, 17:32

Spot on Stuart!

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