The two Eds!

Posted 26 Jan 2011 by Walaa Idris

Ed & Eddie!

Well today’s PMQs was somewhat surprising. After last week’s Andy Coulson’s resignation and this week’s bad economy figures, a little more oomph and lots more of ‘I told you so’ was expected – but all we got was a suedo-reaction, a little pretence from Ed Miliband. Granted he used all his questions on one issue, last quarter’s poor figures, but even that did not give his performance any weight or gravitas. He looked uncomfortable and even a touch miserable. Okay, Cameron did swiftly and masterfully shoot his first question down – but still that should have only lost him his footing not the whole session!

In addition to that the two Eds’ body language was unmistakably dejected. It’s not a secret they are not great chums (that’s why Balls ‘appointment was a last resort and more of a need than a want), but they didn’t even attempt to disguise it – how are they going to work together is beyond anyone’s imagination!

On the other hand, Balls seemed very please with himself, and why won’t he? He’s exactly where he wanted to be all along.

Will what happened today now set the tone for future PMQs – is it what’s to be expected from now on? I hope not, despite what some might think about “Punch & Judy politics” it was far more interesting than The Ed & Eddie Show!

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