Labour and the KKK!

Posted 2 Mar 2011 by Walaa Idris

Walthamstow MP, Stella Creasy and Labour Lord Oona King calling The Big Society philosophy the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) does not offend me as a Conservative, a supporter of the concept or a black person.

However it disturbs me!

It’s alarming because we all know what the KKK as a group and an organisation stand for, we all read and heard what they did and still continue to do in some parts of the United States of America.

For a member of parliament and an appointed Lord to be so full of hate for everything Tory (King admitted in her book her detest to all things Conservative) and to be so language bankrupt is extremely worrying. That kind of emotional instability, lack of self control and discipline should never be allowed to represent or speak on behalf of the people.

The Labour Party and its leadership have a duty and a responsibility that such inflammatory language is dealt with appropriately, unless as a political party they are equally literary bankrupt and what Stella Creasy and Oona King said was supposed in behalf of the party and its membership.

Creasy has attempted an explanation but in this occasion an apology is the appropriate course to take.

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