Ed Miliband’s leadership was over before it even began!

Posted 14 Jun 2011 by Walaa Idris

Ed Miliband

Everybody today is talking about the latest NHS Reforms, weekly bin collections, how we can’t afford the Libyan war and the possibility of David Miliband returning to Labour’s front benches, but nobody is talking about Ed Miliband’s speech yesterday.

There is hardly any mention of it anywhere and most papers has buried it away in their back pages. The speech itself was mostly a relaunch exercise of Ed’s flatlining leadership – which might or might not have resulted in the rumours that David Miliband is possibly coming back to frontline politics. However, ignoring it (the speech) in this way by all the media on every side of the political debate should give great cause for concern by Mr Miliband and his people.

The saying; “Politics is show business for ugly people” might not be 100 per cents true – since not all politicians are aesthetically challenged these days – but similar to show biz, they need to constantly breath the limelight of publicity if they are to be taken seriously and succeed. Therefore, when the leader of the opposition makes a speech that no one hears, reads or even knows about – no amount of brotherly love or spin will stop the inevitable.

Is Ed Miliband in trouble? And if so, can he turn his fortunes around!?

His heart is most likely in the right place but his personality is not that of a leader. In addition to that, standing against his own brother and then beating him – as normal as it might seem to some people – it is not and it will never be, nor will it ever leave them.

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14 Jun, 16:27

I like your blog, but I do despair at the poor grammar and basic errors “breath the limelight”? “Fluttering leadership?” – surely you mean faltering? Run a Spell/Grammar check!


14 Jun, 16:45

Thanks John, see if it makes better sense now ;-))

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