Today Cameron showed grown-ups responsible leadership

Posted 8 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

On Wednesday, the leader of the opposition and his backbenchers – during PMQs – showed us how poor novice leadership is done! He was aggressive and relentless in his quest to incriminate everyone remotely close to News Corporation – conveniently forgetting that the phone hacking allegations and the questionable journalistic culture all happened on Labour’s watch. But such is his party’s detest ‘now’ to all things Murdoch that they are prepared to forget and even rewrite history to appear righteous.

By contrast, this morning the Prime Minster calmly and coherently laid out plans for two enquiries – one of them led by a judge. Plus he accepted full responsibility for every decision he made regarding his relationship with current and former News Corporation employees and showed how responsible and mature leadership conducts business.

As a member of the public I find Cameron’s handling of the situation – from shouldering the responsibly of his actions to putting in place the appropriate measures needed to deal with the investigations – reassuring. Knowing that when raw feelings were flying around, the PM was sensible composed and did not get sucked in the media whirlwind but kept a mature level head approach is very encouraging.

While I belief that public pressure is a wonderful and effective weapon – like most weapons it can be dangerous if used unwisely or incorrectly. History is littered with collateral damage of innocent people tried in haste to appease the crowd. I will say it again – it is always best to take time and do things correctly no matter how long they might take. This phone – hacking mess surfaced in 2006 and still no one knows how long it’s been going for or how deep it touches – it is therefore inconceivable to get to the bottom of it in a matter of days or even weeks, if it’s to be resolved permanently and correctly!

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David Hough

David Hough
8 Jul, 16:54

You doth protest too much! A member of the public? You mean a member of the Conservative Party who has a vested interest in promoting your leader. To say you are just a ‘member of the public’ is disingenuous Walaa, because you’re trying to sound neutral. As for Ed, everyone else agrees he won hands down Wednesday, and even Tories are saying he’s taken the lead on this.

Brian Moylan

Brian Moylan
8 Jul, 17:29

Member of the public? You are personally involved in Conservative campaigns, friendly with Republican right-wing-nuts.. if you care to look up to the right of this page that I comment on, it says that you are considered a “Top 100 Conservative Blog”.
Your banner says “Blogger, speaker and political activist”.
If you are going to lie, try not to do it on a web page that says these things; otherwise anyone’s perception of your lack of credibility on matters of fact is given a great service.


8 Jul, 19:52

Yeah, I’m going to repeat the above.

You’re hardly a member of the public. You’re a prominent Tory blogger and activist. It kind of negates your “Gosh, I’m normal and think Dave is just super” rhetoric.

Cameron has been awful this week. And it’s going to get a lot worse for him as this thing unravels, believe me.


9 Jul, 21:43


You say Cameron has been calm & reassuring,Well sorry but that is what exactly Ed Miliband was on Weds when he called it ABSOLUTELY RIGHT on the whole News International/NOTW phone hacking story.Yes it happened on Labour’s watch yet they didn’t know that Molly Dowler’s phone had been hacked did they? NO if the police had done a better job they may have done.
Miliband was well ahead of the game calling for Rebekah Brooks resignation last Tuesday something which Cameron only did Friday.He has been woefully slow this week and Labour are right again calling for a judge to be appointed asap for the public inquiry into the phone hacking.Again though Cameron is being slow,
Lastly yes you are a member of the public like i am but to use that quote as though you are neutral does you no good at all’
Hand on heart if you weren’t so loyal to your Party you’d say that Cameron has had a shocker of a week due to his inaction overthis & his links to Coulson

Kevin Algar

Kevin Algar
10 Jul, 12:08

Are you all saying that political activists are not members of the public?

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