Cameron today stole Miliband’s thunder!

Posted 13 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

This might come as a surprise to some lefties – but I actually felt sorry for Ed Miliband today. For a week he led with demands for an enquiry on the phone hacking allegations – using every possible opportunity to thrust the issue into the limelight and gathering lots of momentum.

But while most of Labour were too busy blaming Cameron for appointing Andy Coulson – Cameron was calmly and patiently counselling and putting together a measured and comprehensive enquiry into the Phone Hacking scandal – which last week he said he was going to do. However, judging by opposition questions at today’s PMQs – I suspect they were too busy listening to their own noises and did not hear what the rest of us did.

If today was the end of the school year – Ed Miliband has definitely failed his finials and subsequently this year. All because of the – us and them politics! Today, Miliband has lead a party that was too busy being in opposition even after securing more than 80 per cent of what they set out to achieve – getting a judge led inquiry – and technically had nothing to oppose but did anyway.

That’s why Cameron was able to pour water on his fire, kill it then steel his thunder!

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13 Jul, 15:32

What utter claptrap Walaa i suggest you go on holiday & take those blue glasses off.
Ed Miliband has been spot on throughtout this entire story with Cameron looking desperate in trying to catch up.
A week last Tuesday Cameron was saying there was no need for a n inquiry & the no need for the BSkyB bid to go to OFCOM and look what happened in that week – we have the inquiry,It was refered to OFCOM and finally News Corp do the honourable thing and withdraw their bid.All because Ed Milibsnd grasped the seriousness of the situation whilst Cameron was hiding away.

On Friday Cameron on Coulson – I stand by my friend
Today – If he’s lied to me he should face the full force of the law,

Cameron is hoping this will go away.It won’t and it will be shown that his judgement has been shocking and the man is now trying to blame his staffers for not telling him about Coulson. WEAK

Total & Utter victory for Ed Miliband & The Labour Party!

Ean Craigie

Ean Craigie
13 Jul, 16:21

Hear hear but Dave needs to up his act dealing with Ed is easy, Ed is no intellectual giant, but Dave needs to remember who got him here not only those who tried to throw the last election away but those of us disaffected who returned to vote but may quite easily melt away to the fringes again.


13 Jul, 17:43

Cameron has said that “the measured and comprehensive enquiry” cannot commence until the police enquiry is over. This is not true and has been refuted by the ex-Attorney General.

Cameron simply wants to delay the enquiry until at least some of the dust has settled. By that time no doubt more incriminating emails will have been deleted.

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