Check out the best of Labour

Posted 30 Jan 2013 by Walaa Idris

The best of Labour

Just look at them, can these two manage anything let alone run a country in tough economic times? They look absolutely clueless and out of place. I don’t need to say anymore, the picture says it all.


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Prime Minster Cameron finished the year in style!

Posted 15 Dec 2011 by Walaa Idris

Last PMQs - 2011

Yesterday was the last PMQs of the year, because of other commitments I watched half of it last night and finished the rest this afternoon. Of course, these days with Twitter I had a good idea how it went before sitting down to watch. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed watching it.

Cameron has definitely ended 2011 on a high, but can’t say the same for the leaders of the opposition – who although has started well with an ‘obvious’ question on unemployment – he failed to maintain his momentum and went downhill fast! Sadly for Miliband, it got worse when he tried to use Clegg’s presence (the DPM was headlines news with his absence on Monday) to taunt the PM only for Cameron to comeback with the fabulous: ‘It’s not like we’re brothers or anything.’

However, what stood out for me more than the gibes and an over excited house was the Prime Minister’s complimenting backbenchers around the Chamber. He praised David Blunkett (somehow I thought it was John Reid who did) for creating citizenship ceremonies, Yvonne Fovargue, for her work on Citizens’ Advice Bureau both Lab MPs plus he thanked Eddie McKay, a senior doorkeeper and a war veteran, for his service.

Throughout the session, David Cameron showed confidence and compassion, he was simply awesome – Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2012 to all who work in the Houses of Parliament.


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Was the PM’s ‘I know how Nadine is frustrated..

Posted 7 Sep 2011 by Walaa Idris

…another ‘calm down dear’ moment or just simply getting caught off guard by the relentless Ms. Dorries?

Well the little kids are back in school and the big kids are back in Westminster. With so much to choice from – after six weeks recess – any politician worth his socks knows the one issue to talk about and chew over until November (budget) will be the economy.

Ed Miliband, latest style of calm long winded questioning – them KAPOW land a hit was great fun the first few times. Now, the surprise element is no longer there and I find myself simply counting down for the punch line – which becomes very obvious by the second or third question.

Of course David Cameron would have been ready with a number of quotes about any economy question – it was on the news that he walked into Parliament armed with a copy of Alistair Darling’s memoirs – but to all together avoid asking any question on the economy is cowardice and will backfire. Miliband should have used the Band-Aid solution – just swiftly and firmly dived in and took the pain like a man – it would have hurt but also done, over, finished…NEXT!

However, PMQs today wasn’t totally surprise free – Nadine Dorries asked the PM isn’t it about time he told the Deputy Prime Minister who is the boss?” Cameron, in an attempt to empathize with her replied – I know how Nadine is “frustrated” … it was funny but can also be trouble… time will tell!

The other was Mr. Speaker actually attacking Labour and accusing some opposition backbenchers of “organized barracking”…… was that ‘a new sheriff in town’ moment or just a one off….., time will tell here too!

In summery – I have to agree with the Guru, Steve Hilton – “Dave danced like a butterfly and stung like a bee”

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Cameron today stole Miliband’s thunder!

Posted 13 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

This might come as a surprise to some lefties – but I actually felt sorry for Ed Miliband today. For a week he led with demands for an enquiry on the phone hacking allegations – using every possible opportunity to thrust the issue into the limelight and gathering lots of momentum.

But while most of Labour were too busy blaming Cameron for appointing Andy Coulson – Cameron was calmly and patiently counselling and putting together a measured and comprehensive enquiry into the Phone Hacking scandal – which last week he said he was going to do. However, judging by opposition questions at today’s PMQs – I suspect they were too busy listening to their own noises and did not hear what the rest of us did.

If today was the end of the school year – Ed Miliband has definitely failed his finials and subsequently this year. All because of the – us and them politics! Today, Miliband has lead a party that was too busy being in opposition even after securing more than 80 per cent of what they set out to achieve – getting a judge led inquiry – and technically had nothing to oppose but did anyway.

That’s why Cameron was able to pour water on his fire, kill it then steel his thunder!

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Pretty for a day, but useless for a week!

Posted 6 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

First let me say that phone-hacking is an illegal act and is wrong regardless of the reasons – whether the person hacked is a celebrity, a politician or a private citizen – and it’s an appallingly disgraceful act when those violated are victims of crime.

However, we can not and should not pass judgment until we have all the facts and proves that the accusations are not some personal agenda motivated by a personal need!

A few weeks ago the media social and regular collectively tried, judged and sentenced Dominique Strauss-Kahn for allegedly assaulting a hotel worker in New York – only to later discover there was no case to bring to trail and the lady in question has swiftly turned her attention to suing a New York newspaper.

Sometime ago Sharon Shoesmith – the former children’s services chief – was mobbishly pushed out of her job, only to later win an unfair dismissal case costing the public millions. Both cases are living proof that mob mentality indictments have a temporary satisfaction but are never the solution. And as the Prime Minster said earlier today on PMQs “they make people look pretty for a day but useless for a week”. Worst yet, they might allow an offender to get off!

Regarding the phone – hacking allegations, the last thing the public wants is a Band-Aid solution, a temporary baseless fix. What the public and our country need and deserve is a permanent resolution reached after a full and independent public inquiry sorts this matter once and for all, and restores our trust and confidence in the media and the laws governing it. To the frustrations of many that might take time to reach but it’s worth the wait – because we as a nation deserve it.


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Winners and Losers ~ Friday July 1, 2011

Posted 1 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

Winners and Losers

Mrs Jennie Bone the wife of Tory MP Peter Bone is a winner. She is fast becoming an iconic figure – generating light humour and laughs while sending a robust and earnest message – it’s a clever and witty way to put questions to the Prime Minster – who now seems to equally enjoy part taking in the act – uniquely apt and delightful.

We love you Mrs Bone!

Did not need to look hard or long for a loser because there can only be one loser after last night’s Question Time. On the day the left tried to hold the country and its economy hostage the BBC QT panel in Birmingham, had three ardent lefties – Polly Toynbee, John Denham MP and Christine Blower and only Philip Hammond on the right come on BBC!!

Every time I say maybe …. just maybe – they prove me wrong!

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It needed to be said, PMQs today…

Posted 22 Jun 2011 by Walaa Idris

……was almost uneventful, even with the obvious Miliband tack change – it seems he has suddenly morphed into a details’ man, which in itself is very dangerous as it reaffirms his geek creds.

However, I was struck by Cameron’s reaction to Douglas Carswell’s bailout question – when replying to Carswell that he is being his “normal dogged tenacity”…… In my opinion it was unnecessary! Even if one gets on the others’ nerves, the remark was just not nice to hear publicly!

In the arena of parliament we love the gladiatorial fighting that takes place between opponents but we equally dislike internal squabbles, especially when they are on our own side. Plus it isn’t edifying

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One, very Icky PMQs!!!

Posted 18 May 2011 by Walaa Idris

Today’s PMQS was painful to watch. Before it even began all eyes were on Ken Clarke’s unfortunate remark – unfortunate because I don’t believe for a nano second that he proposed lenient punishment for rapists.

On the day jobless figures fell by 36,000 and we find out Britain is spending twice as much bailing out the Euro than we are cutting from domestic budget, all PMQs will be remembered for is the Justice Secretary’s remark on rapists from his Five Live interview – and Ed Miliband portraying the “Conservative led” government as soft on crime – not any crime but one of the most horrific crimes, rape. Plus, it happened against the backdrop of cutting police and prison numbers!

Was today a good day for the government, heavens NO!

But should Clarke resign or get sacked, of course not, expecting and asking for either in itself is madness – and it shows our political class as hyped-up, blood hungry extremist. Especially as the Justice Secretary had made it very clear from the start and later reiterated it on the BBC’s Daily Politics and Sky News that he regards “all rapes as serious crimes”

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Quote of the Day ~ 2/12/2010

Posted 2 Dec 2010 by Walaa Idris

The Prime Minster in yesterday’s PMQs, giving a brief history lesson to the Leader of the Opposition: “ He can have a blank sheet of paper about the future but he can not have a blank sheet about the past”


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My thoughts on PMQs

Posted 17 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Today’s Prime Minster Questions was interesting and also surprising!

Interesting because David Cameron took questions from Harriet Harman when traditionally Nick Clegg, who was sitting right there, would’ve done that – but then I could be missing something! It was also out of the ordinary because half way though questioning the PM, it became apparent (off course some will disagree with me) that the Harperson (despite her giraffe getup, which some say is her lucky charm) gave up and became very muddled, hence the shouting.

It was also interesting because the Speaker, who still seems to think its Speaker Bercow Shouting Time, is turning shouting at members into a weekly sport – now the whole thing, on his part, looks like an attention seeking ploy. And, because of that, this will be the last time I say anything on the matter.

Surprising, because there wasn’t any questions about Ireland or its bail out; you would think the biggest question of the day would’ve found its way on the question papers – but Nope Nada Zilch!!

As for point scoring, Cameron won hands down.


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