Time for Labour and their leader to man up or shut up!

Posted 21 Jul 2011 by Walaa Idris

A plea I’m positive many in the country share, because this government has serious work to get on with. It has an economy to sort out, jobs to create, neighbors to rescue plus hunger and disease on the other side of the globe to treat and curb.

So, Ed Miliband and his lot better come clean, and instead of beating around the bush, pretending to be faultless and innocent with regards to phone hacking and it’s embarrassing mess. They better come out and say what they really want to say and ask for what they don’t have the guts or the grounds to ask for but stop chasing their tails! Just stop the pretense – because for years under their watch, people’s voice messages were being intercepted by journalist of all hue and they didn’t blink an eye or lift a finger. Stop asking for apology after apology when none is needed and when it’s not what you are truly after! Come clean and stop hogging the limelight with a chewed out issue.

A couple of weeks ago, it was honorable and touching to push for the truth to come out. It was brave and just to throw some heavy players to the wolves – but it’s done and now the matter is in the appropriate hands. To continuously and persistently ask for an apology that was given many times over is childish and screams lack of substance and direction.

It’s time to put up or just shut up – the public is tired and now concerned that politicians enjoy the sound of their own voices more than listening to the voices that gave them a voice!

As for the media, they too need to get a grip. They need to pull the plug on this frenzy and get some balance. Unfortunately, we have some turbulent times around the corner that needs all of our energies and resolve and that should be everybody’s first priority.

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23 Jul, 09:54


I agree and now that Oslo has erupted I expect the groans and profanities from Victoria St are audible

However, given the characteristics of Anders B maybe WedEd is eyeing up another bandwagon to leap onto

Anything to kick the Tories with and avoid the only issue that really matters: The Economy

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