Prince Harry needs to be very careful which POTUS to invite

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Walaa Idris

Prince Harry

Of the young Royals, Prince Harry is the fun loving, cheeky popular one. He’s also the one without the weight of the throne on his shoulders. As a result, he gets to be what he wants, and do almost anything he wants to do. He is lucky in that he can nearly live his life as normal as the rest of us. However, as a Royal, everybody wants to be his friend and acquaintance. But like most associations these relationships can sometimes come at a cost.

The two princes, Harry and William, have a good relationship with the Obamas. However, while the princes are not political, the Obamas are very much so. Furthermore, while Prince Harry might want to simply please his future wife by inviting Barack and Michelle to their wedding, he should be very careful of the cost of inviting a former POTUS at the expense of the current one. Particularly as he is expected to be non-political and this invitation could be viewed only as political. His future wife made sure of it with her comments and remarks on the current US President.

As a monarchist Harry should tread carefully and show his maturity by maintaining neutrality. He should either invite both the former and current president or none. What he must never do at this sensitive time for our nation is to appear to be taking sides. The US is an important ally and friend, and with Brexit around the corner we need the current administration to feel the full strength of that importance.


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