Labourites are literally cannibalizing themselves.

Posted 13 Nov 2014 by Walaa Idris

Lately it seems, the One Nation, man of the people Edward Samuel Miliband is not a popular fella — it appears, inside and outside the Labour party he has zero zero appeal and not many like him.

Personally, I never cared about how he ate a bacon sandwich, or that he looks like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, nor did I care that his jawline wasn’t chiselled enough. Putting party politics to one side, my only issue with Ed Miliband is his disloyalty to his own family, and betraying to his own brother.

To some that might seem like a personal matter between the two brothers, so why do I care? But to me it is not. As someone who highly value loyalty, especially family loyalty, any person who does what Miliband did to his own flesh and blood and his only brother cannot be trusted, because family is extremely important. Having your brother’s back to some might be an old fashion notion, but it’s the simplest honesty test known to man.

So, how can anyone trust someone who stabs his own brother in the back?

And since we’re talking about loyalty, party loyalty is also important — otherwise why pay a fee and become a member? And it is here where Labourites (particularly those behind the latest coup attempt) need to take a long hard look in the mirror. They too are disloyal, and at this stage in the parliamentary cycle, are self-harming behind the pretext of saving the party and serving the public — when we all know it’s neither, and it’s all done for personal gain and gratification.

I am neither a Labour sympathizer nor a Miliband fan. Yet think all Labourites, until the May election, should at least support and respect him at every given opportunity. He is their leader, and from the looks of things the only leader they’ll have this parliament. And despite everything else, the unions’ influence on his election, standing against his own brother and folks making fun of him — Ed Miliband is the person people see when they think Labour. So why should those outside the party respect him when his own comrades don’t? To be taken seriously outside Labour, Miliband needs to be taken seriously inside it, not shredded to pieces by his own people.

Labour is not dissimilar to other parties in that it has it’s a hard left and a soft left. All parties have a hard and a soft side to their central message. But what Labour needs to understand, those of us on the outside, don’t care if someone is a Brownite or a Blairite, we only see them as Labour. That’s why the sooner they get over whatever disappointment they feel about Miliband’s election and personal appeal the better it is for them. Their attitude should be that of what’s done is done and move on. They should carry on with the business of getting elected, articulate and sell their massage, not tear chunks off their leader six month before a general election.


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