The Politics of Politics!

Posted 7 Sep 2010 by Walaa Idris

The coalition government, last night, has managed to push through a bill for a referendum on electoral reform which includes the redrawing of constituency boundaries. Even though, it was passed in the first vote, still, it was not a walk in the park with only a 59 majority.

And, although Nick Clegg has claimed holding a referendum would help “restore the publics’ faith in the way they elect their representatives”. It nonetheless, felt like the government was just going through the motions, at a time when such a luxury is a costly treat. But a deal, is a deal, is a deal – and one must always honor their commitments.

But what fascinated me the most, was the opposition’s stance – they dramatically shifted from strong supporters for the Alternative Vote before and during the election, when they thought they will win and govern, to an illogical patchwork of objections!

That’s why I love politics, the weatherman can once and while predicts the wrong weather – but it is not that simple with politics!

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