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Posted 22 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Tom Harris might not be blogging, but I am happy to see that he is still giving us lively and interesting debates. This tweet yesterday has caused an avalanche of retweets and replays on Twitter. As expected there are those who feel good grammar and correct spelling, me included, are very important. Although my spelling is not that great and my grammar is hit and miss sometimes – that’s why I make it a point any important work is looked over by someone else – because the only time I braved it alone, the results were dire, but this in not about me.

Those attacking Tom are saying “what if I am dyslexic”, what if; dyslexia is either a word or numbers dyslexia. If its words dyslexia then obviously a job were writing letters, reports and press releases in nanoseconds all day long is not appropriate, the same applies to a person who has trouble with numbers, they will not enjoy accounting or have fun crunching figures all day!

This attitude, brought in by the last government, Tom’s government I would like to add, where equality and political correctness are rife, is the reason those who clearly are incapable of doing a job feel discriminated against when common sense simply says there are other jobs they’ll be happier and more fulfilled doing because they will finish the day with a sense of achievement, not frustration because the boss corrected them six times before lunch and asked them to finish the day tidying the stock cupboard.

Tom is right, so please lay off him, if for nothing else just because he was honest. Many employers bin CVs with bad grammar and spelling and never even admit it!

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Jeremy Poynton

Jeremy Poynton
23 Nov, 14:57

The boss of BT said a while back that they bin one in for applications for jobs as they are from illiterates.

Simple fact. There is a reason for learning grammar, and a reason for learning how to spell. Just as one would not employ a brickie who did not know how to stick bricks together, so how can someone who does not understand how their language works ever express themselves properly, and make themselves understood.

Labour have damaged the education system, it would seem to me, beyond repair, with their poisonous ideology and one-size-fits-all dogma.

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