Happy Easter!

Posted 22 Apr 2011 by Walaa Idris

Good Friday

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone specially my readers a very Happy Easter!

I know I did not have to observe Lent, but many around me are. Since I believe “in Rome, you do as Romans do” and in the spirt of oneness I gave up chocolates this year and now counting the hours for Easter Day. Whatever you gave up for Lent good for you.

Giving up taught me one, I will not die if I didn’t eat that piece of chocolate and two, it was all worth it – my skin looks much fresher – plus now I’m looking forward to munching on a gigantic chocolate egg on Sunday!

Thank you for reading and commenting – Happy Easter and God Bless you All X

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22 Apr, 20:26


How much do you pay Dale in consultancy fees to get your blog in his weblist each day?


22 Apr, 21:21

Walaa I didn’t give anything up myself but well done to you

Happy Easter

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