Time Ms. Abbott left office and took her chip with

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by Walaa Idris

Sadly, Diane Abbott, again is in the limelight and again it’s not for the right reasons. The woman takes the phrase “Chip on the Shoulder” to a whole new level. What she tweeted yesterday HERE is irresponsible and verges on incitement. Being an MP is an office that carries a huge responsibility with it, in Diane’s case, this duty is two folds because she is an MP in the Shadow Cabinet.

Of course she will dismiss any opinions coming from someone like me because she believes people like us “Tories who are also black” don’t do black!!! She might be right because we do people.

I hold no office so my words might carry little or no weight but I am sure there are many black people who today feel Ms. Abbott’s words don’t help race relations and bridge misunderstandings but create more unease and unnecessary racist basis.

I therefore add my voice to those who think its time she goes and call on Ed Miliband to remove her from office.

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Sue W

Sue W
5 Jan, 12:50

Totally agree, well said!

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