There we go again; Labour’s disparity!

Posted 16 Jan 2012 by Walaa Idris

How is it acceptable for Diane Abbott MP, two weeks ago, to say: “White people love to divide and rule, we should not play their game” and keep her frontbench post!

But when Tom Harris MP used a spoofed Hitler clip it cost him his job!?

Putting to one side the taste, political correctness and everything about the contents of either incident, the method the Labour party handled the two situations raises serious concerns about their judgment and thoroughness and the message that sends.

As a black/African/nonwhite mother of two, I am concerned that Ms. Abbott only escaped punishment either because of her gender, her skin colour or both – and very troubled of the message that discrimination sends to young people across the country. Especially when we are constantly told that we are equals, and share equal opportunities with equal responsibilities!

Will any Labour official care to explain why there is one rule for Abbott and another for Harris?


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Time Ms. Abbott left office and took her chip with

Posted 5 Jan 2012 by Walaa Idris

Sadly, Diane Abbott, again is in the limelight and again it’s not for the right reasons. The woman takes the phrase “Chip on the Shoulder” to a whole new level. What she tweeted yesterday HERE is irresponsible and verges on incitement. Being an MP is an office that carries a huge responsibility with it, in Diane’s case, this duty is two folds because she is an MP in the Shadow Cabinet.

Of course she will dismiss any opinions coming from someone like me because she believes people like us “Tories who are also black” don’t do black!!! She might be right because we do people.

I hold no office so my words might carry little or no weight but I am sure there are many black people who today feel Ms. Abbott’s words don’t help race relations and bridge misunderstandings but create more unease and unnecessary racist basis.

I therefore add my voice to those who think its time she goes and call on Ed Miliband to remove her from office.

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I really miss Diane!

Posted 28 Nov 2010 by Walaa Idris

Diane Abbott

Surprisingly since Diane Abbott stood for the Labour Party leadership this summer and her subsequent appointment as shadow minster This Week became a dull sleep inducing end of the parliamentary week programme. Every Thursday night after Question Times, I used to effortlessly stay up and without fail watch the whole show weekly. However, since Ms Abbott’s departure I lost count of the number of times I turned off and never even bothered to catch up on iPlayer. These days I easily switch off after Michael’s [Portillo] moment of week and don’t think twice about the rest.

And here’s why? Although I like Portillo who was my MP up to May 2005 when, in my opinion rather prematurely, he stood down from front line politics – however, I still think without Diane, the programme is not such a big hit (sorry Michael).

Portillo is a charming and remarkable commentator but as a non elected member of any party he is one of many political journalist and pundits who we see and hear day in and day out on various shows and media programmes. But as an elected MP, Diane Abbott brought a mystic to the sofa and gave the show a unique twist, an exposé feel – as an insider telling and sharing with the viewers what the backbenchers thought and said in private and behind the scenes was and always will be intriguing. Add to that, being a rebel every week with Diane on the sofa we wondered in anticipation what now!

There was also the Itchy and Scratchy chemistry and the rapport the two had with each other their closeness was so endearing and natural. In six month and a host of potential lefties later no one even came close to replacing Diane, as for the body language, it’s too stiff and formal. All the contestants were either too self aware Diane didn’t care how she came across, or controlled and measured in what they said she always called as it is – but most of all none of them is as hilarious as Ms Abbott.

Could Diane’s departure be the death of This Week!?

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