Winners and Losers ~ Wednesday June 8, 2011

Posted 8 Jun 2011 by Walaa Idris

Winners and Losers

Grant Shapps, today announcing the government is to release thousands of acres of public land to build up to 100,000 new homes makes him and the government winners. The proposal aims that by the autumn every government department with significant landbanks will issue plans to release acres for building to help tackle the housing shortage while create 25,000 jobs by 2015.

I like PMQs and whenever I get the chance to watch it live I do. And contrary to what Speaker Bercow thinks, I enjoy all the boisterous shouting and order paper waving that takes place – as much as I enjoy all the regalia, pomp and ceremony he thinks are unnecessary. Today’s PMQs was one of the best it was loud and noisy, and the Prime Minster won brilliantly and effortlessly – when there were many open goals for the opposition to score and that makes Ed Miliband a loser.


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