Why did Obama release his birth certificate now!?

Posted 28 Apr 2011 by Walaa Idris

Barack Obama

Since before the 2008 presidential election and during the election Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his university record were issues that heated up debate from time to time. However, right from the start he treated both as non- issues – and for the record I think neither should have become one.

With respect to where Barack Obama was born – I have too much reverence for the United States Federal Agencies to even suppose they did not do their due diligence regarding a presidential candidate, let alone one surrounded with great controversy from the start. As for the president’s undergraduate records and grades I think that’s an issue for Harvard University and their reputation. Nevertheless, I don’t care an iota one way or the other. Especially as the problem now is not what Obama told the American people and the world what he can do back then, but what he actually did and didn’t do during his presidency so far!

On Twitter, last night I asked “Why did Obama see the need to release his full birth certificate now, some twenty seven month into his presidency!?”

True to fashion I was attacked directly and in directly for my question – most attacks hinted at race and Obama’s skin colour!! Meanwhile John Mc Cain, who was born in Panama Canal Zone – was asked the same question back in 2008, no one batted an eye then and everyone conveniently forgot all about it now.

But back to my question, why did the president release the official document now – what changed between now and then plus who will benefit form this change!?

The president is in trouble and he knows it. He also knows the GOP have lots working for them this time round and the only way he can win in 2012 is if they beat themselves – by them choosing the wrong candidate.

Donald Trump might talk a lot of sense, plus now he is the big winner who was able to accomplish what many before him including the Clintons, the press, social media and most of Conservative America has tried and failed to achieve: “the release of President Obama’s full birth certificate”. But make no mistake it isn’t Trump’s genius that pushed Obama into submission – its Obama’s calculated brilliance and desire to hand pick who will be his opponent next year. He wants the GOP to select Trump for President, and that’s exactly who they shouldn’t choose!

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